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 Dr. Kenneth G. Mills

Born in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. He began his study of music at age seven and achieved wide recognition through 25 years of study as a classical pianist. Mills’ life unfolded through a deep affinity for music, education, and the arts. He also became interested in health and healing, drawing, and painting, architecture, landscaping, interior design, and fashion, all of which provided a platform for his seemingly limitless creativity.

Please contact Uptown Living for Giclee reproduction information on any of these pieces

Peace Ship
32.25” W x 26.5” H Frame

Pot of Lilies
52” W x 52” H Framed 
(Not for Sale)

Pink Lilies
30.75” W x 36.75” H Framed 

Yellow Double Iris
25.25” W x 39.25” H Framed 

Love in a Mist
25” W x 31” H Framed